🤠👍Hoppes 9 Elite Cleaning Kit
🤠👍Hoppes 9 Elite Cleaning Kit
🤠👍Hoppes 9 Elite Cleaning Kit
🤠👍Hoppes 9 Elite Cleaning Kit
🤠👍Hoppes 9 Elite Cleaning Kit

🤠👍Hoppes 9 Elite Cleaning Kit

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"Hoppes has been a staple name in firearm maintenance for a long time. This cleaning kit contains the basic items you’ll need for cleaning and lubrication." - Ben Weiser

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A Classic Formula

Our original formula is tried and true and smells good too. Since 1903, no gun cleaner kit is more trusted than hoppes No. 9.

Trusted By Champions

Hoppe's No. 9 is trusted by ambassadors and World Champions Jessie Harrison, John Scoutten, Maggie Reese, Missy Gilliland and Lena Miculek.

Clean Any Firearm

No matter the firearm, No. 9 will clean it. Whether it's your revolver, AK-47, or deer rifle, this universal bore cleaner will get the job done and keep your firearm in peak condition and performance.

Versatile Lubricant

Our No. 9 Bore Cleaner is a versatile gun lubricant. Not only does it clean your gun, but protects it from future damage as well. It can be used at any time, and as often as you feel the need.

Treat Your Firearm With The Best

As a hunter or shooter, your firearm is vital. It needs to be kept in the best condition possible to perform at a high level. Your firearm deserves the best treatment. By using Hoppe's No. 9 Bore Cleaner, your firearm will give you a lifetime of high performance.


  • 2 OZ HOPPES NO 9 CLEANER SOLUTION - Ultra Effective and potent solvent for removing primer, powder, lead and metal fouling for preventing rust. Quick, super-efficient, safe and easy to use. Flows freely and penetrates rapidly.
  • 2 OZ HOPPES NO 9 LUBRICATING OIL - High viscosity oil refined to perfection for use in firearms, fishing reels and other precision mechanisms. Does not harden, gum or become rancid. Gives extra-long service.
  • 14.9 ML PRECISION LUBRICATOR - A full bottle of the 14.9 ml Needle Point Hoppe's No. 9 oil lubricant. High-viscosity oil refined to perfection. Extra-long lasting; Does not harden, gum or expire
  • WeEnergise 2” SQUARE 40 COUNT PATCHES- High thread count with tightly woven material along with double napped on both sides creates a superior cleaning patch that have become known worldwide for their unparalleled cleaning ability. Often imitated, never duplicated! Fits .38-.45 Caliber/.20-410 Gauge (Warning: They are all Cotton - threads may come off causing to leave more residue)
  • LIFE TIME WARRANTY - Love them or we will buy them from you, no question asked

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