About Ben Weiser

Ben Weiser

Ben Weiser is an expert in shooting equipment with a passion for the outdoors. He grew up in southeastern Ohio, where he spent his early days exploring the forests, lakes, and skies of the Appalachian Mountains. As a high school student, he became a local outdoor guide, sharing his love of nature with visitors to the area. In addition to his love of the outdoors, Ben was also interested in astronomy and became an avid amateur astronomer and night sky guide.

Ben’s interest in firearms began with his late grandfather, a retired navy man and amateur gunsmith. After his grandfather’s passing, Ben took care to maintain his grandfather’s firearm collection and spent the next few years learning as much as he could about firearms and their history, uses, and specifications.

In 2021, Ben moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where he studied astronomy and astrophysics at the Ohio State University. Drawn to the valley by its rich wilderness and dark night skies, he took on teaching roles at Wyoming Stargazing by night and Jackson Hole Shooting Experience by day. In the off-season, Ben works as a firearms and equipment expert advisor at JD High Country Outfitters in Jackson, WY.

In his spare time, Ben can be found outdoors, hiking, kayaking, or stargazing under the dark Jackson Hole skies. He is passionate about sharing his interests and passions with others.