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Defensive rifles like AR-15s and AK-47s have gained popularity in recent years due to their versatility and effectiveness as defensive weapons. These rifles are often customized with various accessories to enhance their capabilities and make them more effective for their intended use.

One common accessory that people add to their defensive rifles is a red dot sight. Red dot sights use a small, illuminated dot as an aiming point, making it easier to accurately shoot the rifle at longer distances. Red dot sights are also more forgiving when it comes to shooting from awkward positions, as the dot can be easily placed on the target regardless of the shooter's eye position.

Another popular accessory is a foregrip. Foregrips allow the shooter to better control the rifle and reduce fatigue when shooting for long periods of time. Foregrips come in various shapes and sizes, and some even incorporate additional features like a built-in flashlight or laser sight.

Other common accessories for defensive rifles include bipods, which provide a stable platform for shooting from prone positions, and slings, which allow the rifle to be carried hands-free while on the move. Some people also choose to add suppressors to their rifles to reduce the noise and flash produced when firing.

In addition to these functional accessories, many people also customize their defensive rifles with cosmetic upgrades like custom paint jobs, engraved receiver covers, and upgraded "furniture" like stocks and handguards.

Overall, the customization of defensive rifles is a way for people to make their rifles more effective and efficient for their intended use, whether it be for self-defense, competition shooting, or hunting. While there are many accessories available to enhance the capabilities of these rifles, it is important to carefully consider which upgrades are necessary and to use them responsibly.

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