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Hi, we are shooting instructors

We noticed that there are many affiliate marketing websites that give advice for shooting related gear. Most of them are articles written by offshore folks who have never seen or touched a gun. We decided to offer our own affiliate website of recommendations, and to only review products that we actually know about. Will expert shooting instructors gear reviews help you?

We are happy to receive free products to try out, however we are completely honest about them. It is a gamble for manufacturers, if they send us an item, and it sucks; we will NOT pretend it is wonderful. Our true opinions live here.

Who are our expert product testers?

Shepard Humphries

Shepard led the team that set a new World Record for the longest rifle shot, a 4.4 mile hit in 2022. After a career in law enforcement where he retired as the SWAT Team’s Sniper Team Leader, Shepard started the luxury shooting experience industry and later, the adventure travel long range shooting experience sector of that industry.

As a serial entrepreneur, his startups include:

Scott Austin

 Read more about Scott here.


Ben Wieser

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Tony Molina

Tony authored the book Handgun Selection for Grizzly Bear Defense: A Conclusive Guide to Choosing Your Defensive Handgun for the Outdoors. Purchase the book HERE.  Learn more about Tony here.

David Bott exert shooting instructors gear reviews
David Bott

David’s fulltime job is as a professional pastor leading two Lutheran churches. He has a passion for shooting sports, and offering exert shooting instructors gear reviews. His pastor’s salary and his many years of shooting in Texas and Wyoming have uniquely positioned him to provide wordy reviews that pack in a bunch of wisdom and humor and help you get the most bang for your buck.


Zack Shelton


Dennis Larsen