🤠👍Clip magazine holder
🤠👍Clip magazine holder
🤠👍Clip magazine holder
🤠👍Clip magazine holder
🤠👍Clip magazine holder

🤠👍Clip magazine holder

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"This is a simple, yet affective way to carry your backup handgun magazine in your pocket. No more magazines rotating horizontally in your pocket." - Scott Austin

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The SNAGMAG is a custom fit accessory.* The floor plate should sit below the top edge of the SNAGMAG, Figure 1. This may require you to gently move the top of the SNAGMAG outward to fully seat the magazine.

*The SNAGMAG can also be worn inside the waistband as well as in your back pocket. If you wish to carry in your back pocket, make sure to purchase the opposite shooting hand version so that it faces the correct way.

The SNAGMAG is designed to be worn in your front, supportside pocket. If you shoot with your right hand, the SNAGMAG goes in your left front pocket. It should be placed vertically against the outside seam with the bullets facing forward.

When drawing, your index finger should go into the pocket along the front of the magazine. Your thumb should also be placed onto the magazine.

Firmly apply rearward pressure with your index finger as the magazine is drawn upward allowing the SNAGMAG to “snag” the back corner of the pocket.

About this item

  • CUSTOM FIT: SIG P365 12 Round
  • MAXIMUM CONCEALMENT: The Snagmag SIG holster conceals in your pocket like a folding pocket knife and is virtually undetectable to the eye.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: All Snagmag products are MADE IN THE USA and backed by our lifetime warranty. We guarantee 100% satisfaction and offer no-hassle returns
  • PATENTED DESIGN: The patented design makes snagmag easy to conceal and the ideal EDC clip holster. Lightweight and comfortable design the snagmag is perfect CCW mag holster
  • FASTER RELOAD: Developed by a plain clothes LEO to enable easy concealment and faster reloading. This right handed version should be worn in the shooter's left pocket to allow for off hand reloading.


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