🤠👍 Labradar sight
🤠👍 Labradar sight

🤠👍 Labradar sight

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"Here's another piece of equipment that is a must-have for those who own the Labradar chronograph. No more getting false readings due to the fact that you did not have your Labradar properly aligned to the target." - Scott Austin

🤠👍 Read our expert's review here: https://shootingexperience.com/blogs/product-reviews/%F0%9F%91%8D-labradar-sight-review

Product Description

The grooved “aiming groove” on the Labradar leaves much to be desired. This Pro Series Improved Labradar Sight changes that. Simply remove the bolt just below the groove, and slide the sight into place, and install the included longer bolt for a semi-permanent installation. You can also put the sight on your Labradar only when in use, it won’t fall off while stationary. Compare this to similar Labradar sighting options and you will find our quality to be superior, guaranteed. Printed on our state of the art HP Multi Jet Fusion machine out of a durable Nylon 11 material. Ultra lightweight, and will withstand more abuse than your fancy chronograph!

About this item

  • Easier Aiming of Your Labradar
  • Save Time AND Ammo
  • Sleek Design, Carbon Fiber/Nylon Construction
  • Installation Bolt (M5x40) Included

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