🤠👍 Cold Steel Big Bore blowgun kit

🤠👍 Cold Steel Big Bore blowgun kit

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"Whether you’re looking for a silent predator control option or simply bragging rights at your next backyard barbecue, this blowgun kit is unbelievably fun. It's quite intuitive for most people to learn. This is definitely not a toy. It’s the real deal."- Scott Austin

🤠👍 Read our expert's review here: https://shootingexperience.com/blogs/product-reviews/%F0%9F%91%8D-cold-steel-big-bore-blowgun-kit-review

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  • Includes: Mouthpiece, Rubber Ferrule, Dart Quiver, Quiver Guard, 15 Bamboo Darts, 15 Mini Broadhead Darts, 6 Stun Darts

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