🤠👍MagnetoSpeed RifleKuhl Barrel Cooler

🤠👍MagnetoSpeed RifleKuhl Barrel Cooler

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"We use this chamber fan for our Nomad Rifleman Shooting Experiences. Our 6.5 Creedmoor gets hot because we shoot so much, and having this loud but effective fan helps speed the cool-down phases up!” -Shepard Humphries

🤠👍 Read our expert's review here: https://shootingexperience.com/blogs/product-reviews/%F0%9F%91%8Dmagnetospeed-riflekuhl-barrel-cooler

The RifleKühl Barrel Cooler by MagnetoSpeed is designed to get barrel temperatures down to intended operating levels quickly. The turbocharger inspired impeller is engineered to produce great air flow in a compact package. The RifleKühl Barrel Cooler by MagnetoSpeed is powered by a single CR123A lithium battery. Ambient air is forced through the extendable nozzle and down the bore of your rifle.

About this item

  • Chamber seal for increased cooling efficiency
  • Turbocharger inspired impeller pushes ambient air down barrel
  • Replaceable built-in 50 Micron air filter
  • Belt/Pocket clip included for easy carrying
  • Strong neodymium magnet to secure device

Technical Details



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