🤠👍Morel High Roller Target

🤠👍Morel High Roller Target

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"Arguably the simplest but best target I’ve ever owned. It’s easy to transport and takes a beating without falling apart, what more could you ask for."  - Zack Shelton

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The future of target foam technology is here! Our research and development team have been developing a new and improved formula for a highly durable self-healing solid poured mixture that would produce the most efficient, flexible, easiest arrow removal and durable target on the market. Now it is safe to say through thorough testing that the new High Roller archery target foam is the most valued archery target ever created. Morrell Targets is proud to introduce the High Roller. Through our testing we have found the High Roller will outlast all competition for longevity and will stop all Compounds, Crossbows, Traditional Bows and Airbows with speeds over 450 fps. Watch as shot after shot closes back and self-heals every time. The target’s dimensions are 13” x 13” x 13” weighing 10lbs and comes with an EZ-tote carrying handle and is ideal for home and camp. Don’t gamble on your next target. Check out Morrell’s High Roller!

  • New and Improved High Roller Foam to stop speeds up to 450 FPS
  • Foam Technology allowing SUPER EASY ARROW REMOVAL
  • Equipped with a Handle for EASY Transport
  • Extremely durable and MADE 100% IN THE USA!

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