What Scott Austin has to say: “One of the most foundational tools for anyone who spends time working on guns is a good vise. This Yost vise gives me all the features I am looking for and more. The flexibility and stoutness is top of the line”. -Scott Austin

The Yost gunsmithing vise is a versatile and reliable tool that is essential for any gun enthusiast or professional gunsmith. The vise features a multi-jaw system that includes a bench jaw for wood and metal work, as well as a pipe jaw for piping and tubing projects. The vise also has a large anvil work surface that is perfect for hammering and shaping.

One of the standout features of the Yost gunsmithing vise is its technical specifications. The vise has a jaw width of 5 inches and a jaw opening of 5 inches, making it capable of securely holding a wide range of firearms. The vise also has a throat depth of 3 inches and a pipe capacity range of .375 inches to 2.5 inches, making it perfect for a variety of piping and tubing projects.

In addition to its technical specifications, the Yost gunsmithing vise also has a swivel base and vise head that can rotate a full 360 degrees. This allows you to easily access all parts of your firearm or workpiece, and ensures that you can work at the optimal angle for your project. The vise also has a dual lockdown system that keeps the vise securely in place while you work.

Using the Yost gunsmithing vise is easy and straightforward. First, make sure that the vise is securely mounted to your workbench and that the swivel base lock is secure. Next, open the vise by turning the vise handle counterclockwise. Place your firearm or workpiece between the serrated jaws and close the vise by turning the vise handle clockwise until the item is snug in the jaws. Continue to tighten until you can no longer move the item, but be careful not to over-tighten, as this can damage the item and the vise. When you are finished working on the item, turn the screw handle counterclockwise to release it.

At Yost Vises, we are committed to producing high-quality tools that are built to last. Every Yost Vises tool is engineered to meet the highest standards of strength and durability, and we offer lifetime tech support to back our quality guarantee. However, it is important to use the Yost gunsmithing vise safely and responsibly. Misuse of vises can cause serious injury, so be sure to read, understand, and follow all instructions outlined in the manual before setting up and using the vise. If you want a reliable and versatile vise for all of your gunsmithing needs, the Yost gunsmithing vise is the perfect choice. You can purchase this product here.