Shooting Instructor’s Opinion: Best Shot Timer?

CED 7000 Shot Timer Review

We have tried various shot timers with moderate success, however in time the electronics stopped working.  This was the case with our old PACT  Club Shot Timer. Upon the advice of our local USPSA leaders, we tried out a CED 7000, and loved it!  We bought two more, and would like to share our CED 7000 Shot Timer Review with you.


The CED 7000 has functioned well for us, and is fairly simple to use.  It is not too complicated, yet has all the needed features.


Our only complaint about the CED 7000 came from a client that purchased one upon our recommendation.  He noticed that at his indoor range, it was picking up the shots of someone 3 lanes away.  He decided to adjust sensitivity of the CED 7000 .  Despite adjusting to the minimum, the timer still picked up unwanted noise.


  • It is easy to use.
  • It is durable
  • It has more functions than I understand
  • Its internal rechargeable battery holds a charge for a long time.

I sometimes find that the beep is too loud, but I simply cover the speaker partially with my finger and it muffles the sound. Our team of world class shooting instructors loves using this timer, and we think you will as well!  You may buy one through our Amazon affiliate link here:

Best Shot Timer

My wife and late daughter enjoying the old PACT timer: