Shooting Instructor’s Favorite Red Dot Sights – Summary

We decided to share with you our Shooting Instructor’s Favorite Red Dot Sights, and have also provided some Amazon affiliate links. Please share your experiences with us as well, so that we can pass the knowledge on!

A couple words of warning about red dot sights;

  • Some optics manufactured use a Private Label service and order cheapo optics with their formerly proud name attached. Generally, these cheapo optics are not great, be especially suspicious of anything under $150.
  • Some companies do a great job getting into bed with politicians with influence in police and military circles. When hundreds of thousands of product users only deal with one brand, they can become biased.


Trijicon Acog $$$$

We don’t have one in our inventory, however they have an excellent reputation among many knowledgeable shooters. If you have the money to spend, we highly recommend them, based on trusted friend’s reports. There are many models, some with reticles designed specifically for particular calibers. 


Eotec $$$

A friend of our company president who is a former gun dealer, recently attended a class taught by a celebrity high-speed, low drag tactical operator, and mentioned that several of the students that had Eotec sights lost valuable time because their optics broke. This is of course anecdotal, however we trust our pal and have never risked it. Many people have differing anecdotal evidence. Amazon Link


Sig Romeo 5 $$

We love this one. For the money, or even another couple hundred bucks, you won’t do better. Check price on Amazon HERE.


Aimpoint ML3 $$$

About ten years ago, our Founder Shepard Humphries asked a friend who had “been there and done that” what optic setup he should buy for his new LWRC M6. The suggestion was an Aimpoint red dot with an Aimpoint 3x magnifier on a LaRue flip mount. This is not the ML3, but appears to be a small step up: 


Cheapo $

If you have to go cheapo, don’t count on it working forever, but the best we have found is this one:


Shooting Instructor’s Favorite Red Dot Sights

Shooting Instructor's Favorite Red Dot Sights