Best Spotting Scopes for Long Range Shooting

Spotting is even more important for mid range shooting than long range shooting.  Depending on the shooter’s experience, the target backdrop and the type of rifle they are shooting, typically around 600 or 800 yards, a shooter will be able to see their own impacts in the dirt.  If the target is on an even plane without a backstop, having a spotter becomes more important for spotting trace.


For long range and extended long range shooting, a high quality spotting scope is very important. I like my Vortex Razor with an MOA ranging eyepiece.  I consider it to be  one of the best spotting scopes for long range shooting.  It is good for our Nomad Rifleman experiences, and with the optional fixed 30 magnification ranging reticle, it is fast and easy to measure the misses distance from the target.  It is still a challenge seeing people’s misses out at a mile or more, but this scope helps and I am still able to confirm a lot of people into the One Mile Club!  🙂 I later purchased the next scope on this list, and like it even more!


Coach Scott recently purchased THIS $1,400 Leupold Impact Reticle Spotting Scope, which we really love!   Scott wrote an excellent review about this scope, and if you are serious about finding an excellent scope, this is a “must read” review:


I used primarily Konus for our business, but switched because of their limited warranty and how frequently they break.  The funny thing is, years after stopping buying Konus scopes, I still find myself grabbing an old one to spot 600 yard shots.



Best Spotting Scope for Long Range Shooting
Lynn Sherwood with Vortex Razor

What are the Best Spotting Scopes for Long Range Shooting?  There are a number of good options.  Please let us know what your experiences are as well.


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