B's Dry Fire Snap Caps - Dummy .45 ACP Training Caps
B's Dry Fire Snap Caps - Dummy .45 ACP Training Caps

B's Dry Fire Snap Caps - Dummy .45 ACP Training Caps

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B's Dry Fire Snap Caps are a durable, high quality, made to specification training aid. They have been designed to mimic look, feel and weight while being completely inert, easily identifiable, and safe. Our products contain no combustible materials and are designed to be safely “dry fired”. To be clear, these are not “Blanks”, produce no noise or spark, do not “shoot”, and cannot be disassembled or repurposed in any way. Our company mission is to provide a completely safe training alternative for responsible firearm owners. To this end we can say proudly and confidently that overall we produce the highest quality training snap caps (dummies) available. Perfect for: -Increasing familiarity and proficiency - Train yourself and your loved ones in the safe handling, usage, and maintenance of a firearm in a risk free environment. -Home defense training - Familiarize yourself with the weight and feel of a loaded firearm without any danger. -Situational training - Safely simulate misfires and emergency scenarios without the risk of accidental discharge. -Competition Shooting – Great for 3-Gun and Cowboy Action competitors to enhance muscle memory -Weapon function testing - Safely ensure proper functionality after maintenance, cleaning and reassembly -Troubleshooting - Diagnose malfunction issues with problematic firearms B's Dry Fire Snap Caps are a product of B-Unique Enterprises, Inc.

  • 5 X .45 ACP caps per pack - Specifically designed for dry firing - Made in the USA to strict quality standards
  • B’s Dry Fire Snap Caps are a safety training aid designed to eliminate risk of accidental discharge or injury
  • COMPLETELY SAFE & INERT – Our Snap Caps (Dummies) contain no combustible materials or firing functionality. They are designed exclusively for training purposes and cannot be used in any other manner. Our products come in a wide variety of color combinations for easy identification & distinction
  • Unmatched quality - Does not chip, flake, or break apart like other snap caps. Mimics ideal feel, weight, and balance. Our trademark bright white striking surface perfectly absorbs the impact of your firing pin
  • The best customer service in ANY industry. Simply contact us if you have an issue and we'll work with you promptly and professionally

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