Web designer – Online Marketing and Sales Entrepreneur

I am starting a Digital Marketing, affiliate marketing, Shopify business. I am searching for an expert (or a few experts) with years of experience who can perform all duties for me. Following are some of the things I am looking for. Do you think you would be the perfect entrepreneur to team with me for this? If you can not do all of the below, perhaps I should hire you as part-time and other part-time people? Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Must have expertise in WordPress – Designing pages, all of the details of how to run a wordpress site. This will include things like SEO, visually appealing design, user-friendly layout and menus and general great flow. I do not want or need complex code writing that isn’t necessary. 
    2. I use siteground as my host, and my domains are through godaddy. If I buy a new domain name through godaddy, you must know how to get a new wordpress site going on siteground and how to direct the domain to that site.
    3. Must know the latest and best whitehat tricks, techniques and hacks of SEO.
    4. Do you have experience in dropshipping?
    5. There will be many “other duties as required.” This position is not an entry-level position for lazy people who need a boss to tell them every little thing. This position is for a person committed to excellence.
    6. Knowing about funnels would be a bonus.
    7. You must think “big picture” and be a smart strategist!
    8. I have over a dozen other websites that I would also ask you to do work on, like making menus better, a better visual look, more user-friendly, etc.
    9. Must have real experience and know about affiliate marketing. For example, how to select products, how to market on social media, etc…
    10. Must know how to do product research.
    11. I already have a good graphic designer, so you do not need those skills.
    12. I do not expect you to write articles.
    13. In your application for this position, please spell shopify in the subject line with a ph instead of an f.
    14. Must have experience with strategy, for example teaching me that if I want to sell a keychain, I do NOT need a 2-hour podcast, but that photos, a 350-word article and a youtube video would be the best system.
    15. Must respond quickly and be a good communicator.
    16. Do you have experience starting and running an Amazon store? 
    17. Must be honest, hardworking, creative and work well without direct supervision. Must be honest about mistakes, learn from them, and be committed to becoming a better worker and human being. I am excited to teach, and I need you to have a good attitude about learning and be loyal.
    18. The first word in your subject line response to this job search must be HOWDY. If that is not the first word, I will immediately delete your email without looking further. 
    19. I am committed to hiring you for 1 week to see if things work out. Next, if they are working out, I would hire you for 1 month to finish getting a bunch of things done. This could grow into more after that or that could be all.
    20. We will sometimes have meetings by Zoom. You do NOT need to have a professional background or environment. I don’t care if your English is horrible! Lol  I have trouble hearing, so talking by video chat is better for me that phone. Most communication will be by email, Trello and Telegram.
    21. Please let me know in your response which 3 of the above things you think you will be least good at. 
    22. What was the last non-fiction book that you read? If you are literate and intelligent, I could not care less if you have been to college.

Hiring process. I will review submissions, and will select the top 5 people who might be a good fit. I will contact those 5 people to complete the next part. Everyone who does not carefully read the description or answer what I am clearly wanting to know about is clearly not REALLY interested. I will not waste time responding, instead I will spend my energy with people who are excellent!

Respond ONLY by email and include your onlinejobs.ph profile link.