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ELR Rifle cleaning gear list

Rifle cleaning gear list This ELR Rifle cleaning gear list has been compiled over many years. We hope that is helps simplify your experience and aligns it with the guidance we provide in our book.  Keep in mind that you will need to customize your shopping list for the specific equipment you use (caliber, rifle […]

Shooting Instructors Favorite Bipods for ELR

Shooting Instructors Favorite Bipods for ELR In the below blog post about long range precision rifle bipod options, we are discussing the best money can buy, whereas many PRS shooters get the best value they can on a limited budget.  This article is aimed at our typical client, the person that doesn’t really care what […]

Gun Safes and Children

I am often asked for advice on gun safes for holding firearms that must be readily accessible for defense, yet must not be accessible by children.  I am not in the “safe” industry, so rather than discuss brands, I will offer some ideas for you to ponder.    Our goal is to keep our kids as safe as possible while […]

Best ELR Steel Targets

Boy oh boy have we learned a thing or two over the last 11 years with over 100,000 hits on steel targets at over 500 yards! Bottom line, you want AR-500 steel. Yes, we know that AR-400 costs a lot less, but if you are shooting at less than a mile, trust us and use […]

Bushmaster ACR vs Remington ACR

A client recently asked our gunsmith for advice regarding purchasing a Bushmaster ACR vs. a Remington ACR.  This was Gunsmith Andy Ward’s response: That is a great question about a Bushmaster ACR vs. Remington ACR!  The answer might not be what you expected though.  Remington arms company along with quite a few others Such as Bushmaster […]